At Taipan, we pride ourselves in being experts in Dim Sum – small parcels of delicious food served with the purpose of sharing between friends and family. Each ingredient which goes into our food is handpicked by our head chef to ensure consistency in quality.

To many, Dim Sum is simply Chinese tapas and assortment of food laid out on a table to try. But to us, it about the socialising, testing your tastebuds, mixing sweet, savoury, sour and spicy flavours.

It’s about the history, steeped in the ancient silk roads in China, where weary farmers would stop, rest and yum cha (literally ‘drink tea’) – relaxing and unwinding after a long day in the sun planting rice in the fields. It’s about the abundance of choice, overflowing with taste.

It’s about understanding how it has evolved to a happy dining experience where people in Hong Kong can enjoy Dim Sum from 5am and the elderly meet and talk about the papers after their morning exercise.

Dim Sum is about touching the heart – its literal meaning – enjoying the delicious flavours and relaxing textures with those closest to you; laughing, celebrating.

At Taipan, our Dim Sum is special because we make it about more than eating.